The Importance of SEO

What is SEO?

I read a really good article on Neil Patel’s website that explained what Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is and decided to put my own two cents into the conversation for old time’s sake. A few things come to mind when learning about SEO and how it can affect your business.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is an online marketing process of planting the right keywords everywhere your brand has an online platform and to allow the search engines all around the world be able to index your website and rank it for valuable information. Many digital marketers understand that omnichannel is the way of the future and that is the reason why just having a website or a Facebook or a LinkedIn is not the best way to grow your business anymore. Your content needs to be everywhere relevant and be consistent among those platforms.

How does SEO Work?

SEO works through the process of finding the keywords that your business is getting organic search traffic from and then capitalize on those and many other relevant keywords. This will allow search engines, like Google, to drive more leads to your business organically. Good SEO agencies go through a very thorough process to ensure that they are finding every keyword that — not only you can thrive from — but the words that are related to your business too.

Higher ranking websites are favored in search engines, and this is the main goal of SEO. Ranking on the first page might not be easy, but it is very significant to make your website highly visible to your niche. A website is one of the most powerful tools between you and your audience. In this era of technology, SEO is still a dominant strategy and, hence as an entrepreneur, any efforts towards SEO should be considered as an investment for your brand.

Proper SEO Implementation

Your goal is to reach your audience so that you are visible to people who are already searching for you or your services. SEO experts will build high-quality links and valuable content filled blogs -- surpassing any textbook answers -- which will ultimately improve your overall brand. Times have changed and connecting with customers directly can turn out to be a large task for a business to get started and even more established businesses. ProperSEO agencies will incorporate the right keywords all over your online platforms so that your business is visible across the Internet and big search engines --again like Google, Yahoo, and Bing -- ultimately have answers to the questions people are already looking up.

Increases Web Traffic

Slow and steady wins the race! Because the same pool of resources is available to everyone, there is a rise in competition using paid advertising services like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads and many more. Though most SEO agencies are not against the use of paid advertising, they are against the most immediate application of it. Most paid advertisements have a much higher initial impact on a business in the short term but marketing this way can do more harm than good to your business and can have the potential to cut into your revenue. Search engine marketing strategies will help any business grow a brand with long-term lasting influence without the need to spend money on paid ads.

Compounded Efforts

Reaping financial rewards by improving SEO optimization is a master key to exponential growth and success. Stepping into this world of competition and impressing your customers with your product, services, and availability is what we all aim for! There is a large range of SEO services that can provide your business a gateway to turn words into a profitable powerhouse.

Does Search Engine Optimization Matter?

The history of SEO was complicated because search engines were not transparent in the evaluation parameters and the algorithms were changing constantly. But the scenarios have changed; people have become more conscious and the internet has boomed like anything. It has given the opportunity to one and all to flourish. Competition has increased and thus the requirement for SEO too. SEO helps in driving more sales by increasing the targeted audience visiting your website.

Understand Your Goals

Your SEO strategy needs to align with the goals of your business. You need to research who is your targeted audience; who are your competitors; what commonalities of business do they capture in the market; how are you placed currently in search engine rankings and so many more keywords to factor in. Attaining answers to these questions will help you in making result-oriented decisions toward your SEO campaigns.

Give Your Audience What They Want

SEO is not above your customers and audience. You need to answer a few fundamental questions. Does my website contain the content which is helpful for the users? Is my website aesthetically pleasing? Could excessive ads or pop-ups be unpleasant for users? If any of the answers are not in favor of user experience, then you need to take swift action. SEO is a multi-step process, but it all begins with the experience.

Be Patient

Business clients often criticize that it takes too long to implement an effective SEO strategy even after they invest in the best software available or “best agencies”. SEO optimization is a gradual process which means that your rankings can’t improve overnight, and if they do (hypothetically), then it will raise brows for your competitors, and they will smell something fishy. You cannot fake SEO. You cannot lie to search engines and fake growth. You grow with your customers and they monitor your progress, and when you rank higher, they understand that you are there for a good reason, because your product or service is valuable. Your popularity and performance speak for itself. So be patient in this gradual process as you will eventually reach there.

Work on Your Website

Your website is the medium through which your customers get to know you. Your website should be aesthetically pleasing, well-structured,mobile-friendly and intuitive. Another huge factor to consider is page speed, but we can talk about that in another blog. But briefly, it is one of the parameters which are evaluated for ranking. This is because websites with poor user experiences rank poorly in search results. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the content, layout, CSS and Javascript hierarchy, images and ads which collectively make your website are apt for positive impact on SEO, all of this to say that if your page is taking too long to load and interact with, no bueno mi gente.

Monitor Performance

It is very important to look back and see if your strategies are working in the desired manner. The impact analysis is important to get useful insight into where you stand. It will help you in optimizing and implementing a thoughtful strategy to accomplish your goals. Always remember to be honest because the SEO world is thriving and those who try to play dirty often find themselves struggling to recover.

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