What is Social Media Marketing?

Digital Marketing

It is the module of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital platforms like mobiles. Digital marketing includes all marketing efforts through social media and different social channels to promote products and services. Digital marketing includes social media marketing, SEO, and inbound marketing. Social media marketing is one of the most popular elements:

Social Media Marketing

As known by its name, it is the use of different social media platforms to connect with the people to develop the business, enhance sales, and attract more website traffic. This involves different aspects like native advertising and content marketing. It includes publishing content on social media platforms, listening and engaging with followers, examining the results, and managing social media advertisements. Several social media management tools facilitate businesses. Here is a brief description of all with an elaboration of social and digital marketing:

Social media marketing first started with publishing the content on social media. This helps businesses to share their content and generate traffic for their websites and generated sales. But now social media marketing has been developed far beyond just broadcasting the content.

In the present era, businesses are using social media in countless different patterns. For instance, a business owner always pays keen attention to what people are saying about its brand, and manage or response, accordingly, always known as social media listening and engagement. A business holder who wants to know how his business marketing campaign is performing on social media, would need to, analyze its limits engagements and sales on social media with analytics tools. Then a business that aims to reach a specific set of people or in other words its clients would be running a highly aimed social media ad called Social Media advertising. As a whole bunch of these steps, it is often known as Social Media Marketing and management.

There are five foundation supports of social media marketing i.e. Strategy, planning, and publishing (content marketing), listening and engagement, analytics and reporting, and advertisement (native marketing).  

1. Strategy: Before you plunged directly into publishing something on social media, let’s develop your strategy. This strategy will depend on what are the goals to achieve through social media marketing and what are the main social media platforms the business wants to focus on for marketing. Usually, few businesses use this medium for enhancing brand awareness and others use it to drive more website traffics and sales. Social media marketing also helps to produce commitment about the brand, and create a community, and serve as a customer support medium for the customers.

2. Content Marketing (Planning and publishing): Social media marketing for small businesses naturally starts with being always present in social media. Almost 3 trillion people are using social media and being always present on social media gives business leverage to enhance the business. Publishing to some social media is quite simple as uploading an image. But one must plan content ahead of time to create and publish on the social media platforms. This type of marketing comes under Content Marketing. Seemingly easy, this is one of the core steps of social media marketing. One must ensure that one needs to publish great content that drags the customers' likes. Content Marketing is a strategic marketing dimension that is aimed at generating and publishing beneficial, related, and reliable content to appeal and hold an aimed audience - and it drives profitable customer’s achievements. A large majority of marketing experts use content marketing. If we observe closely, we can see that not only a small business but also the most prominent names of world use content marketing tactics like P&G, Microsoft, Bonanza, and Apple. The reason why all are into this is only one – because it works. Content marketing is something that sprang from past to present and will remain in the future. There are main three reasons and benefits of using content marketing.

• Increase the number of sales

• Budget-Friendly

• Loyal and better customers

Marketing nowadays is not possible without great content. It is present in all forms of marketing whether it is SEO, PR, PPC, Inbound Marketing, or Social media marketing. Content marketing always comes before the social media marketing strategy.

3. Listening and engagement: Another important element of social media marketing. As the business and followers on social media increases, eventually, the talk about the brand increases. People will be commenting and tagging the posts and messaging directly. The audience might be commenting or writing without the owner’s knowledge. So, for the businessman, it is necessary to listen to what they are talking about and make better developments in the future. Also, if there are complaints, one can offer a customer support channel. One can do it manually or install a social media listing and engagement tool.

4. Analytics: Along the way, one will also be eager to know how all of this procedure is going on. The number of viewers and customers increased, decreased, or sustained. Social media platforms provide this information on a basic level. To get more information and depth analytics, a wide range of social media analytics tools are available.

5. Native Advertising (Advertising): When someone wants to grow social media marketing, digital advertising can come up with a boost. Social media ads allow us to approach too much wider audiences with one click. Native advertising is the use of ads that match the look of content or media, and it seemingly feels and performs in the same media format in which they appear. These ads are usually found in social media feeds and, they are recommended on web pages. They do not look like ads or banner ads rather they look the part of the editorial flow of the page. The unique factor of native advertising is that it lets you advertise the content without disrupting the reader. Native advertising may appear on In-Feed Ads, Search and Promoted listings, and Content Recommendations.

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